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When you need a 24/7 locksmith around San Diego, CA, Locksmith Express is here to serve you.

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At any time, we can lock ourselves out of our home, out of our car or need to change the locks. We understand this, as well as anyone, that is why we provide quality, affordable locksmith service at all times during the day.


The Locksmith area of Architectural Services is responsible for the cutting of keys, building lock repair and re-keying. Anytime, day or night, we deliver the fastest locksmith service in the Santa Rosa area. This includes lockouts, lost or broken keys, re-key, garage doors, padlocks, and master key installations. We offer vault and safe services and filing cabinets locksmith service.

If you get locked out of your car or break your keys; Chip keys, VAT keys, and transponder keys are not a problem. We’ll cut your car keys on the spot and give you replacements right away. We also reprogram replacement fobs and keyless remotes. Locksmith Express provides the areas fastest locksmith services 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. If you need locksmith services in The US, our tech will be right there, count on us!

Being a family run Locksmiths, we cover almost whole of The US. Our professional locksmiths in London have the experience and expertise to provide the right security package for all situations from upgrading your security to re-securing your property after a break-in, or simply upgrading the security of your new home your security is our concern. We can also upgrade your key security by supplying a security key system for your home, office, or business giving you more control over how many keys are cut a perfect solution for your business or home and, being able to cut the keys in our shop you also have the convenience of being able to have extra keys cut while you wait. We also cut keys in our shop while you wait from an existing key provided or a key code allowing us to cut keys by code using the latest key cutting software contact us for more details.

We understand that even lost keys compromise your security, whether it is your car, business, or especially your home. Your security is our business, don’t take chances with it: when you need locksmith service in The US, give us a call.

We Supply and install



Locksmith Express provide solutions for all your domestic and commercial locksmithing needs from lock repairs, lock changes, and lock installation, to the supply and installation of padlocks and restricted master key systems. Our highly trained and fully qualified locksmiths operate in fully stocked service vehicles providing you with an expert rapid response and emergency locksmith service. We help our customers in making their homes secure. We provide first class service and advice which enables you to make the best decisions on upgrading your home security while ensuring an outstanding quality of workmanship on the installation of all types of domestic locking solutions.

Our hardware selections are constantly updated and we carry every make and type of lock and we cut every kind of key you can imagine. Our trained and licensed technicians are not just locksmiths. They are experts in home security and can design your home security system. From design to build in Locksmith Express will cover all your security needs. If you have hardware problems now, you can be sure our residential service crew will provide fast solutions to your needs. Your home is your most valuable possession. With Locksmith Express professional service, you can rest easy knowing we provide you with the best quality security hardware available. You need to know that the security of your home is state of the art. Locksmith Express team of expert technicians are trained and licensed for the most up to date hardware solutions. Our technicians will make sure your doors and windows remain secure.

Security Needs

Periodically even good neighborhoods are targeted by burglars. Studies show that most burglars look for the easiest homes to break into and pass by homes with good security systems. Upgrading your home security system will provide a layer of protection that addresses today’s security problems.


Did you know that the chances of suffering a burglary more than double when you move into a new property? Most properties, especially rental properties have keys with people other than the current owner or tenant. Many times the old keys aren’t returned and the new owner or tenant doesn’t give it a thought. Within the first year of moving your home is twice as likely to suffer a burglary for that reason.

Because of this if you move into a new home and don’t change the locks some insurance companies will void your insurance policy if your home is burglarized. If you have just moved, how can you be sure you have all the keys? Locksmith Express can change or rekey all your locks and make sure the security you should expect is what you have.

Why us?

Locksmith Express provides service 24 hours a day. No matter what time it is including holidays; our insured and licensed professional technicians will be there to handle any emergency for you. It doesn’t matter if it’s your home or business we guarantee the highest level of service. If you are locked out or have locked your keys in your car, call us and we will be there right away. You won’t be wasting time waiting for us. We’ll be there with everything needed to fix the problem. In Locksmith Express choose the locksmith service that is dedicated to helping you more, quickly and professionally. Whether it is lost or broken keys our certified professionals specialize in providing fast solutions. We can repair and replace any lock and keep your home or car secure from break-ins. Our technicians are licensed professionals that will take care of every security need. Our commitment to you and your family is that we will do everything it takes to keep them and your belongings safe and secure with the best quality service and product brands in the industry.

Home Locksmithing services include:
  • Domestic lock repairs
  • Keys duplicated and replaced
  • Lock installation, and supply and installation of new door and window hardware
  • Design, installation and maintenance of new and existing restricted master key systems
  • Door closers adjusted, repaired and installed
  • Emergency openings, lock repairs and lock changes
  • Padlocks supplied and serviced
  • Mechanical and electronic keypad and card locks supplied and installed
  • Emergency Lockout Opening
  • Lock Hardware
  • Dead Bolts/Drop Bolts
  • Door Knobs/Levers
  • Replace Lost Keys
  • Keys Made On Site
  • Safe Repair and Installation
  • Mailbox Locks
  • Gate Locks/Pool Gates
  • Custom Lock Fabrication/Welding
  • File Cabinet/Desk Locks
  • Evictions
  • Re-key Existing Locks (Often to one key, when lock types are compatible)
  • Door Frame Reinforcement Plates
  • Keyless Access – Electronic/Mechanical (Combo locks the homeowner can change – No keys)
  • Master Key Systems (Multiple Houses/Rentals)

There is no substitute for security, and the last place you want to feel insecure is in the privacy of your own home. Locksmith Express provides that peace of mind, knowing your home is secure when you are home and especially when you are not. All our products are the top quality brands and we provide the best service available to our customers.

Commercial Locksmith


Commercial locks are generally a heavier duty lock than domestic locks. There is also a greater range of locking functions available commercially than domestically. They are designed to meet the needs of high-traffic commercial, institutional, industrial and government applications. The strength and versatility of the locks make them ideal for use in offices, schools, hospitals, hotels and other facilities requiring durable and reliable security. No matter the size or nature of your company, make no mistake. At any time, someone could break into your property and seriously setback your company by stealing and or damaging, which means you need to call us today so we can ensure this never happens again. As a business owner, you know how important security is for your business. What most people don’t realise is even a lost key can be a breach in the security of your business. When the day is over the last thing any business owner wants to worry about while locking up are missing keys. No business owner wants a break in, and your lock hardware is the last line of defense protecting you. If you discover that keys are missing, our commercial division will be there fast to change the lock hardware and replace the keys.

Rest assured your business is safe with us. Locksmith Express believes you should only hire the best locksmith services in your area. We’ll make sure all your security needs are taken care of. We service factories, offices, commercial buildings, and stores. Locksmith Express has earned the reputation of being the most dependable locksmith service in The UK.

Professional Service

Our service technicians are certified on all the major brands of lock hardware available today. We are constantly upgrading their training as new hardware systems are introduced. This means no matter what your security concern is, Locksmith Express will be there with the professional skills you need for an expert solution.

Around the Clock Service

Our around the clock service and expert commercial technicians have built a reputation for excellence because we satisfy all our customers’ security needs. Regardless of when you need us, we’ll be there. If you need commercial locksmith services in your area, let us know what we can do for you.

Lock Out Service

Emergency door opening services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our commercial service division takes pride in the fact they respond quickly to our customer’s needs. If you get locked out, call us, and we’ll get you back in fast.


Re-keying and lock replacement services are available. You should consider this for lost keys and if you are at a new location. Many times in commercial real estate all the keys are not turned over. They have either gone missing over time, or simply misplaced in the sale or rental.The best advice to keep your security is to re-key or change the locks. Unfortunately it’s also advisable to replace or re-key your locks if you have disgruntled ex-employees for security reasons.

Master key Systems and High-Security Lock Operations

Let Locksmith Express experience serve you with advice on what system will suite you best. We can design, build, and install systems that will keep your business secure. Our service technicians are certified on all the major brands of lock hardware available today. We are constantly upgrading their training as new hardware systems are introduced. This means no matter what your security concern is, Santa Rosa Locksmith will be there with the professional skills you need for an expert solution.


Over time locks on filing cabinets wear. We offer service on every lock detail you can envision. Instead of purchasing new filing cabinets Locksmith Express can refurbish or replace the existing locks.

Filing Cabinet Opening Service

When your keys break or your lock wears out Locksmith Express can get your filing cabinet open again. We also offer padlock and locker opening services.

Access Control Systems

We can custom design security grills, gates, and bars to keep your building or security sensitive areas of it safe. We can supply and install mechanical digital locks, and electronic digital access control systems. You can be sure when Locksmith Express is on the job, your buildings, areas, or rooms will be safe.

Electronic Keypads and Keyless Entries

We offer a wide array of keyless entry options. These are a great choice when you need to give access but don’t want to give out keys. The codes can be changed anytime to suite your security needs.

Changes on Safe Combinations or New Safe Installations

Our expert locksmiths can change your safe combinations to suite your security needs. Normally combinations are changed when employees with access leave a company. This simple precautionary step will ensure the security of your valuables.

Panic Bar Installation

Panic bars are a necessity for areas that have high public traffic. Installing a panic bar ensures both your security when locked, and easy egress in case of an emergency.

Locksmith Express provides car door unlocking and emergency lock repairs. If you lock your keys inside your car and don’t have a spare, give us a call. We’ll be there to help. We can handle any type of lock and get you going again. Locksmith Express has built a reputation for being the fastest, most reliable locksmith in the Santa Rosa area. Our customers know that when they have security problems we bring solutions. If you are looking for security solutions, you’ve come to the right place. We will get the job done right the first time with professional service at a great price.



Automotive security has changed dramatically in the last seventeen years. We have gone from the era when there were only 2000+ key combinations used for every car of the largest vehicle manufacturer, to transponder controlled ignition systems, that change electronic codes each time you start your car. From the 30’s to the 60’s it was somewhat common that you might know someone whose car key also fit your car. Today just to obtain a duplicate key for your car, can be difficult and expensive. By specialising in Automotive locksmith we strive to be your best choice for Automotive locksmith. we continually upgrade our equipment and automotive technician training to ensure we are able to meet all your automotive lock enquiries

Locksmith Express provides the fastest and most efficient emergency locksmith service in the entire Locksmith Express area. We guarantee our service 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. If you have an emergency, our tech will be right there: guaranteed. It’s not that uncommon to lose keys or lock them in the car. Our certified, licensed professionals can even reprogram transponder type keys. It doesn’t matter the time of day or where you are, we will be there for you.

You may not need locksmith services all the time, but if you do, call us when you do. When you call us we’ll make sure our technician has everything we need to fix your lock problem. There won’t be any waiting. Our pro automotive locksmith service will safely open your trunk or your doors without damage to your car. Our automotive locksmiths use the latest technologies and tools to keep your vehicle safe. All our technicians are licensed and certified which guarantees hassle free service for you. Locksmith Express can also replace your ignition switch a lot cheaper than your dealership. We also re-key, remove broken car keys, duplicate keys, as well as transponder key replacement. Our priority is getting you back on the road as quickly as possible.

  • Broken key extractions lock
  • Ignition repair
  • Transponder Keys
  • Unlock Car
  • Trunk unlock
  • Rekeying
  • Key making
  • Locked keys in car
  • Reprogram Car key/keys
  • Replacement Car Key
  • New Ignition Install
  • Reprogram/Program Key Fob
  • Car/Auto Lockouts
  • High-Security Key
  • Car Key Replacement
  • Lazer Cut Keys


Locksmith Express will make keys for you if they are lost or broken. We support domestic and foreign makes and models. Chip keys, VAT keys, transponder keys are not a problem. We can cut your car keys on the spot and give you replacements right away. We also reprogram replacement fobs and keyless remotes. We realize you may not need our emergency service every day, but when you do, we will be there. Our reputation for fast service has earned for a good reason. Give us a call, we’re on the way.